Our Edge

Our edge is providing legal representation with a unique blend of smartness, toughness, affordability, professionalism, and efficiency.  Our level of service is equal to or greater than most other lawyers and firms, for less than half the price.  We sustain that model by running a lean operation, relying on our intelligence, technologies, and integrity. Recent results and examples of our effective and efficient legal representation include:

  1. Settling a case in August 2018 on behalf of a defendant where plaintiff paid him, not the other way around;
  2. In June 2018, obtaining dismissal of a $400,000+ fraudulent transfer lawsuit brought in federal court against our individual client by his father’s former attorney;
  3. In May and June 2018, obtaining an extending a temporary restraining order for our commercial lessee client against the landlord’s destruction of its outdoor space;
  4. Within 8 months in 2017, filing the complaint and obtaining and collecting an $8 million judgment on multiple loans;
  5. Taking a federal case to trial in August 2017 for one-third of our opponent’s cost;
  6. In 2016, obtaining and collecting a judgment for a commercial client against a California defendant which closed its business and transferred assets to a new business;
  7. In 2016, obtaining a full $175,000 recovery for a corporate plaintiff, and charging less than $7,000;
  8. Settling a commercial client’s case in 2016 for 2% of its commercial opponent’s demand;
  9. Settling a small business client’s case in November 2015 for 8% of her opponent’s initial demand; and
  10. Settling an individual client’s case in September 2015 for less than 2% of his opponent’s initial demand.
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